Since it was founded in 1976, SKC has developed and produced numerous “Korea’s Firsts” in specialty fields of film, chemicals, and materials, contributing to industrial development while growing into a global brand. Its past forty years were adorned with praises such as the “first in Korea” and the “first in the world” for areas in research and development.
Integrate high technology into film
The beginning was the first development of polyester film in Korea in 1977. At that time, polyester film was a high-tech product that only seven companies in the US and Japan could manufacture, so domestic development was remarkable. Since then, as SKC was the fourth company in the world to develop videotape in 1980, SKC became known to the world market. SKC’s videotape became very popular in the market, and the SKC soon became a brand name.
At present, SKC is producing films used for various purposes such as ▷ for display ▷ for packaging ▷ for graphic ▷ for electric insulation, etc., and is mainly focusing on commercializing specialty products such as transparent PI film used in foldable mobile phones.

Add wings with chemistry
SKC entered the chemistry business in 1991 by realizing localization of propylene oxide (PO). Since then, SKC was the first in the world to apply the HPPO method, which produces environmentally friendly PO to the field, and has been supplying downstream products such as propylene glycol (PG) that meet the needs of the market.
At present, SKC strives to increase its market share of high value-added PG used for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. In addition, SKC is strengthening its speciality products by developing highly functioning polyurethane products (elastomers), such as buffer materials for automobile suspensions that have been dependent on import.
Facing High-tech Materials Speciality
SKC is concentrating on high-value-added speciality business such as transparent PI films, elastomers, etc. In particular, SKC is expanding its business into electronic materials and materials for semiconductor, by polishing the surface of semiconductor wafer, the ‘Ferrite sheets’, which is a core material for wireless communication for mobile phones used for short distance and by developing ‘CMP pad’, which is used to improve semiconductor integration, for the first time in Korea.

Becoming a global speciality marketer
SKC announced a new vision, ’Global Speciality Marketer’ for the 40th anniversary of its founding in 2016, with its intention to grow into a global company by concentrating its capabilities on speciality products based on the marketer’s consciousness of harmonizing the market and technology. SKC will endeavor to realize the new vision, ‘Global Specialty Marketer’ through endless thinking, research and development, and investment, and to lead the high value and high-tech material market.


SKC Hi-Tech & Marketing

SKC Hi-Tech & Marketing is a display film manufacturer founded by SKC and DOW in the U.S. After acquiring equity from SKC, the company was launched in July 2017. It expands its business area to diverse fields such as processed materials for electric vehicle, semiconductor and battery as well as IT/display-related convergence products.

SKC Solmics

SKC Solmics, the nation’s fine ceramics leader, developed an ingot for semiconductor parts for the first time in the Republic of Korea in 2006 and secured crystal growth technology. It has expanded its business area from structural ceramics to electronic ceramics and bio-ceramics and led domestic ceramic industry.

SK Bioland

SK Bioland, founded in 1995, is the nation’s No. 1 manufacturer of natural substance-based cosmetics ingredients. The company was established in 2014, and since then it has accumulated manufacturing knowhow in the extraction, cultivation and synthesis of natural substances and expanded its business area to high value-added medical materials, supple supplements drug ingredients and finished goods from the conventional cosmetics ingredient business based on the advanced technology and global network of SKC.

SK Telesys

SK Telesys, which has manufactured and provided communication infrastructure such as relay and transmission equipment since 1997, is the nation’s best communication equipment manufacturer which provides 4G LTE relay and transmission equipment. It proudly presents the finest technology in communication equipment such as the world’s first Giga WiFi solution. Since 2015, it has involved in semiconductor material/part business and new & renewable energy.


SKC KOLON PI, founded by SKC and KOLON, is the only PI film manufacturer in the Republic of Korea. The company is the world’s No. 1 in terms of PI film market share. PI film is a cutting-edge, high-performance material which can endure extreme conditions (-269℃ thru 400℃). In the past, it would be used for aviation and industrial purposes. Recently, it’s been widely used as a cooling seat in IT equipment. SKC KOLON PI would keep penetrating into global market by maximizing synergy effects for both parties.
SK pucore

SK pucore

SK pucore is a professional polyurethane manufacturer launched by SKC and Polyurethane Division of Mitsui Chemicals in July 2015. Based on synergy effects in marketing, R&D and production between the two companies, we are going to develop new markets and evolve into a global leader.
SKC inc

SKC Inc.

SKC Inc. was founded in Covington, Georgia in the U.S. in 1996. In 1999, the company started to produce a polyester film. Since then, it has expanded its business area to a high value-added heat-shrinkable film which has been highlighted as a next-generation packaging material and solar cell module EVA sheet.
SKC jiangsu

SKC Jiangsu

SKC Jiangsu is SKC incorporated in China, the world’s largest polyester film market. The manufacturing facility situated in Nantong, Jiangsu province is capable of producing 40,000 tons of heat-shrinkable films and display films annually. SKC Jiangsu is SKC’s global strategic base. Its ultimate goal is to develop SKC into the world’s No.1 film maker.


Ever since we began producing copper foil - a core material for secondary batteries - in 1996, KCFT has tirelessly pursued technological development and now boasts world-class technological competitiveness in the copper foil and FCCL sectors.

In January 2020, SKC will launch KCFT as a new subsidiary which will serve as a future growth engine of our mobility business.
SKC eco-solutions

SKC eco-solutions

SKC eco-solutions was established as a split-off from SKC’s photovoltaic power generation business. The company manufactures and sells Fluoride Film, EVA Sheet, Back Sheet and other products that are used in the production of photovoltaic modules.

SKC eco-solutions is making concerted efforts to provide environmentally-friendly solutions in addition to photovoltaic materials by extending the scope of its business to environmentally-friendly building materials, materials for cars, etc.


KCFT는 1996년 이차전지 핵심소재인 동박사업을 시작한 이래 지속적인 기술개발에 주력해왔으며, 전지용 동박 및 FCCL 분야에서 세계 최고의 기술 경쟁력을 가지고 있습니다.

SKC는 KCFT를 인수하여 2020년 1월 SKC의 투자사로 출범시키며, 모빌리티 사업의 미래 성장 동력을 장착하게 됩니다.

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