Corporate Culture

Through its mission and management system, SK works to establish a corporate culture of consensus and information-sharing among all members. SK Management Philosophy
SK Management System SKMS

SKMS, SK’s Management Philosophy

SKMS (SK Management System) is the foundation on which the SK corporate culture is established through the consensus and information-sharing of all corporate members. It is a management philosophy and system of the corporation.

SKMS was first established in 1797 in order for all members of the company to understand the essence of corporate management and improve the quality of corporate administration. The system has been preemptively responding to environmental transformation to contribute to the growth of the SK Group.

In recent years, the system sought to respond to rapidly changing business environment by maintaining its core philosophies while enhancing the member companies’ power of execution. With a staunch conviction, the members of the SK Family practice SKMS every day.

Happiness of the Interested Parties

A corporation, through continued and stability and growth, achieves permanent existence and development and generates value for interested parties (customers, employees, shareholders, community), while executing key roles and social and economic advancement and contributing to the happiness of the humanity. SK believes that pursuing the happiness of the interested parties grows the happiness of the communities, which in turn comes back to benefit the individual members of the company.
The Relationship Among the Corporation and Interested Parties and Their Roles
A Culture of Seeking SUPEX* via VWBE
In a rapidly changing environment, SK continues to generate the best possible outcome by seeking SUPEX* for growing the happiness of the interested parties. In order to do so, the members use their best capabilities via voluntary and willing use of brain power and contribute to value generation. SK employees voluntarily generates an environment of seeking SUPEX, and practices the culture.

*Super Excellent Level, referring to the best level of excellence that can be achieved by a person.