SKC Company Identity

SKC Basic Combination

The combination of SKC’s symbol and logo expresses the company’s goal to achieve customer happiness.
SKC identifier is the official symbol of the company which must not be changed in any case while abiding by the space and color regulation.

Space Regulation

Space Regulation A Sufficient space must be secured when using SKC Identifier.
Space Regulation B Space Regulation B may be used for outdoor platform including signboards and advertisement boards that requires enhanced legibility.

Color Regulation

SK Red Pantone Color 186C, Process Color C0 / M100 / Y81 / K4 , RGB Color R234 / G0 / B44, SK Orange Pantone Color 158C, Process Color C0 / M61 / Y97 / K0,RGB Color R255 / G122 / B0 Black K100, Gray K60
The colors represent the SKC, and must be used on a white background. It may be used only for black and white media platform.

Background Color Regulation

컬러 표현 샘플
Color Expression Color expression is required when recreating the basic combination form. White background color is the most ideal. When recreating the color, set brightness at 30% or less or 80% or more.
흑백 표현 샘플
Black and White Expression When expressing in black and white, use Positive when brightness is less than 30%, and Negative when brightness is 30% or more. When printing on special paper, the use of golden, silver, white, or black gloss coating is allowed.