Ethical Management

Ethical Reporting and Counselling

At SKC, we operate channels, through which stakeholders (employees, subcontractors, and customers) may engage in ethics-related whistleblowing/consulting freely and duly operate a program for the protection of whistleblowers.

Ethical Reporting and Counselling

Stakeholders (SK employees, employees of vendors and clients) are able to report concerning cases that involve our employee(s): unfair handling of business; unreasonable requests/asking for, or provision of money/valuables; dishonest acts; violations of laws/regulations.

Channel for whistleblowing

  • E-Mail
  • TEL 080-890-6262
  • Address Block B, The K Twin Towers, 50 Jongro-1-gil, Jongro-gu, Seoul, South Korea, SK Ethical Management Manager, Internal Audit Team

Whistleblower protection program

  • 01

    The whistleblower's identity and related information are kept strictly confidential.

  • 02

    No whistleblower is to be put to disadvantage concerning his whistleblowing.

  • 03

    To protect the whistleblower, the related information, such as anti-retaliation act, is reflected on the Code of Ethics and Ethics Pledge.

  • 04

    In the event of any mistreatment because of whistleblowing, its correction and proper protection can be requested to the Ethical Management Department. Then, the Ethical Management Department shall take all possible actions to minimize any disadvantages.

  • 05

    Those who have been cooperative with the investigation, such as testimony and provision of data, shall be protected as equally as the whistleblower.

  • 06

    The Ethical Management Department shall check regularly to see whether a whistleblower has been disadvantaged, including retaliation, through follow-up monitoring.

Ethical management report and counseling

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구분, 2020년, 2021년, 2022년로 구성
구분 2020년 2021년 2022년
Reports Employees 11 7 7
Partners 3 0 1
Customers 0 0 0
Others 4 5 1
Total 18 12 9
Measures Investigation
8 7 8
Transfer to
relevant department
5 4 1
(dismissal, etc.)
5 1 0